Medlemslista från tiden gruppen var aktiv.

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  Stig Lundmark, SM2EHE  
Stig Törnqvist, SM7DYZ  
Anders Kälebo, SM7NDY anders(at)
Bob Cooke, VE3BDB 
Bertil Bengtsson, SM6AAL algy38(at)
Roy Nordqvist SM4FPD roy.nordqvist(at)

Bengt Falkenberg SM7EQL


Göran Carlsson, SM7DLK 


Louis Meulstee, PA0PCR


Photo: K-A Markström SM0AOM
Sven-Olof Heed, SM7GFD

former Standard Radio engineer Sven-Olof Heed, SM7GFD in front 
of the MF transmitter racks at Stockholm Radio SDJ





Peter Schuyffel, VE3JPP (PA3EUU) ve3jpp(at)
Erik Jonsson, SM1ALH erik.jonsson (at)
Thomas Hörstedt, SM7DLF

gronradio (at)

Karl-Anders Bäck, SM6TMO
Leif Persson, SM7NCI
-Send pictures! Name and Call Homepage e-mail

If you would like to join The Swedish Wireless Set No. 19 Group, send us an e-mail  
Please provide your personal contact information. 
All members will be listed by name, callsign and e-mail. Membership is free.

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